Track and Trace

SCTracker integrates with your carrier’s fleet operations, enabling you to visually track your deliveries from point of pickup through delivery – all in real time.

  • Ensure full accountability with digital pictures and signatures
  • Real-time tracking provided with GPS-level accuracy
  • Late shipments in red for immediate resolution

Manage Shipments

View and manage your shipments in real time via Google Maps, update pickup and delivery schedules, and monitor on-time performance data with a click of a mouse.

  • Keep your customers happy with automated alerts
  • Reduce unnecessary phone calls and emails
  • Always available via the cloud

Shipment Manager

Less Overhead

Streamline operations by up to 40% – SCTracker reduces call volume and routine emails by creating a central point of information, connecting dispatchers, drivers, and customers alike.

Customer Service

Deliver world class customer service and stand out from the competition. SCTracker enables you to tell your customers – automatically and in real time – when they can expect their shipment.

Total Visibility

Spot opportunities early and often – SCTracker’s total visibility enables you to proactively identify problems and opportunities before it’s too late.


Prevent lost and stolen cargo – real time tracking can locate cargo and spot suspicious moves, helping law enforcement recover your assets.