Connecting your drivers and mobile workforce via the cloud, with instant communication, navigation, and digital signatures. Supported devices include the Apple iPhone and Google's Android.

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Our visual, map-based tools allow you to scan and then drill down to individual vehicles in your fleet, search by driver or shipment ID, and identify new load opportunities as the day progresses. Deploy route plans and make schedule adjustments with the click of a button.

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A picture is worth 1000 words – SCTracker’s camera technology enables you to capture a digital picture at each point of exchange – ensuring full accountability for the shipment. Capture signatures of shippers and/or consignees at all important points of the delivery.

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GPS Fleet Tracking

Monitor and manage your fleet all in one place – visually tracking vehicles and stops. Visually scan and then drill down to individual vehicles in your fleet and identify new load opportunities as the day progresses.


Reduce support calls with SCTracker’s automated alerts and delivery confirmations. SCT connects your shipments to customers in real time via email – all without picking up the phone.


Instantly invoice as soon as the delivery is complete, attaching proof of delivery and including special charges. Get paid faster using SCTracker.


With turn-by-turn voice directions, live traffic conditions, and the ability to re-route instantly and choose alternate routes to a given destination, never worry about getting lost again using Apple and Google's award-winning maps.

Driver Notes

Capture details for temperature, weight, and attach pictures. Enable liability protection to the carrier in case of damage before shipment and handling with pictures at point of pickup and delivery, as well as details, comments, and dimensions.


Pickups and deliveries just got a whole lot easier. Eliminate paper, reduce errors, and instantly capture electronic signatures via the mobile device at point of delivery. Reduce clerical costs and give your customers POD receipts instantly.