Tutorial – Carrier

Take Command of your Supply Chain

SCTracker is the easiest cloud-based delivery tracking system today, offering end-to-end tracking over land, air and sea. View and manage your supply chain in real time via Google Maps, designing and updating route plans visually, and measure on time performance data with a click of a mouse. Keep your customers happy with alerts and automated pickup and delivery confirmations, saving time and money.

Getting Started

sctracker-login login

Setting up your Fleet

carrier-settings carrier-carrier carrier-driver carrier-logo

Driver Setup


Have your drivers download the free SCTracker app to their Android or Apple (iOS) device, and login with the email and password you assign them. Detailed instructions for drivers can be found at Driver Tutorial.

Typical Workflow


Fleet Management

carrier-categories carrier-active carrier-pending carrier-in-progress carrier-search

Create and Assign a Shipment

carrier-create carrier-assign-driver carrier-schedule carrier-share carrier-contents carrier-assigned-shipment

Shipment Detail

carrier-add-to-existing carrier-late carrier-traffic-street carrier-signature carrier-email-confirmation carrier-track-trace


carrier-invoice-start carrier-invoice